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India’s first indigenously
developed peptide-based drug
for the treatment of Vitiligo
-By ISSAR Pharmaceuticals

ISSAR offers standardized and uncompromised quality of Peptide drugs based on the project needs. Our company’s research and development is in accordance with the ICH and USP guidelines. We are cGMP approved and equipped with a US-FDA-compliant manufacturing facility.

The Quality support is initiated and adhered to at every stage of drug development process and continued even after the product is delivered.

Our Quality services includes

• Recognition of quality needs when generating a quote.
• Confirming an order.
• Designing the most suitable manufacturing process.
• Controlling product quality at each production step.
• Informing clients in a timely fashion.
• Conducting finished product testing.
• Generating the Certificate of Analysis (CoA).
• Releasing the final product.

Quality support further continues after product release in the form of Stability studies and Regulatory filing assistance.

What are peptides?

• Peptides are naturally occurring, small biological molecules made of short chains of amino acids linked by a peptide bond.

• Peptides typically contain 2-50 amino acids, therefore easily absorbed by the body when compared to proteins which are larger in size.

• Peptides contain amino acid sequences which control and coordinate all cellular functions and intracellular communication.

• Peptides are highly target specific, safe and non-toxic as their degradation products only involve simple amino acids.

Solving the pigmentation problems

Use this medicine according to the dosage and duration prescribed by your doctor.

How to use Novoskin® Lotion

This medicine is for external use only. Shake it well and apply to the area evenly as advised by your doctor.

How Novoskin® Lotion works

Novoskin® Lotion is a re-pigmenting agent. It works by stimulating migration of skin cells (melanocytes) from the area of skin surrounding the vitiligo patch. This in turn causes the production of melanin (skin darkening pigment) and restores the skin colour.

• Continue using the medication as prescribed. It may take up to 4 months to complete treatment.

• Use sunscreen and protective clothing when outdoors as it can make your skin more sensitive to sun.

• It may also cause changes in the color of your untreated skin. Talk to your doctor if this bothers you.

• Inform your doctor if your condition does not improve after 1 month of treatment.

Comparative Study Of Efficacy and Safety of Topical Active Fragment of Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor (B FGF) 0.1% Solution V/S Betamethasone Valerate 0.1% Ointment in the Treatment of Vitiligo Patients
Safety and efficacy of active fragment of Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor (BFGF) for Vitiligo patients
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